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Inula Beauty is situated in Crown Street in the heart of Brentwood, Essex. We are just off the Brentwood High Street and only steps away from the Sugar Hut Village and Minnies Boutique.

Inula is pleased to announce that we were the first salon in Brentwood to offer HD Brows, along with our extensive range of treatments including Bio Sculpture Nails, Guinot & Environ Facials, Neom Aromatherapy Massages, OPI Manicure & Pedicures, Lava Shell massage, Mama Mio treatments and lots more.

We also stock a very extensive range of retail products including: Guinot, Environ,  Mama Mio, Lily Flame candled, OPI, Nougat Naturals, True Grace candles and Bubble T.

“Our aim at Inula is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and leaving the salon looking and feeling your best”

The Inula Beauty team celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

The Inula Beauty team celebrating our 10 year anniversary!