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Creative Nail Enhancements

Nail enhancements will lengthen your natural nails to the length and shape you desire. Nail overlays are a way of ‘armour plating’ your natural nails without extending the length, both are available in a French or natural finish. We advise you return every 2 – 3 weeks for your rebalance to maintain your nails.


French Nail Enhancements:    £48.00

Natural Nail Enhancements:   £44.00

Natural or French Nail Overlays from:  £35.50

2 Week Rebalance:                 £27.50

3 Week Rebalance:                 £31.00

4 week Rebalance:                  £34.50

Single Nail Repair:                 £5.50

Removal & Express Manicure: £25.00

 *Please note if you have lost more than two nails when you have your rebalance done there will be a charge.