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Environ Facials

All Environ facials use the highest quality ingredients and vitamins A, C & E, which are essential to maintain and repair the skin. All Facials are tailored to your own personal skin requirements and the following skin concerns can be addressed:

Anti Aging, Pigmentation, Scarring, Uneven skin texture, Dry or Dehydrated skin, Acne or Congested skin, Dull Skin, Broken Capillaries and Sensitive skin.

Environ Vitamin Facial: £53.00

A truly results-driven treatment using the freshest and most active forms of Vitamins A,C,E and beta carotene to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin where they work to hydrate, normalise and stimulate the skin. 1hr

Environ Advanced Vitamin Facial: £68.50

A step up from the Vitamin Facial treatment, the advance facial treatment is a prescriptive facial for anyone wishing to obtain maximum results. Using the most advanced levels of active ingredients including vitamins A & C. 1hr 30mins

Environ Cool Peel: £56.50

This superficial peel is ideal for problem or conjested skin, uneven skin tone, hyper pigmentation and signs of aging. This treatment uses Lactic acid which removes the build up of dead skin cells, increases hydration, reduces inflammation. This treatment can be done in a course of 6 for maximum results or on its own. 1hr

Environ Hydra Boost Facial: £80.00

A highly concentrated treatment to moisturise dry skin, fine lines and photo damage. This treatment will help reduce lines caused by dehydration and general ageing. 1hr

Skin Analysis Events

Find the solution for your problem skin by booking your personalised Advanced Skin Analysis. This high tech camera shows 8 variations of your skin such as Sun damage, Pigmentation, Premature Ageing, Bacteria and Scarring.

Skin Analysis events are held monthly please ask for details of our next event.