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Guinot Body Treatments

Aromatic Body Douceur Treatment:  £56.00

Relieve your body of stress, strain and recapture a feeling of well being with this luscious body treatment. It combines an invigorating body scrub a relaxing and toning full body massage with a lavender based mask for the back, leaving skin soft and smooth. 2hrs

Aromatic Body Polish:  £29.00

A full body exfoliation using a Kiwi scrub to remove dry skin, invigorate and restore radiance followed by a rehydrating body moisturizer. Your skin is superbly soft and wonderfully silky. 45mins

Back Hydradermie:  £52.00

An ideal deep cleansing treatment for clearing blocked pores and improving skin texture. This special back treatment purifies and re-hydrates the skin. All the benefits of a Hydradermie facial but for the back.  1hr 15mins