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Mama Mio Bootcamp Treatments

Everyone has a bit of their body that bugs them. Do something about it with our radical hard-hitting, focused body treatments to make a visible lasting difference to cellulite, sag, crepe and excess wobble.

Bikini Bootcamp:  £75.00

An intensive body firming treatment targeting cellulite, extra wobble and dry skin from top to bottom. This is a serious Bootcamp for bulges, improves skin texture and elasticity. 1hr 30mins

Bootcamp for Tummies:  £55.00

If your tummy is your trouble spot, this is the treatment for you.  It combines the benefits of a retexturising fruit-acid peel for deep double exfoliation with toning and tightening actives and an algae-rich.  Specific massage techniques wake up lazy abs and radically increase circulation. 1hr

Bootcamp for Butts:  £55.00

So you wanted a peach and somehow ended up with an orange? Reduce cellulite and water retention, improve skin tonicity and reduce wobble with this radical circulation boosting, double exfoliation, algae mask treatment specifically created to get your butt back to its former glory. 1hr

Bootcamp for Boobs:  £55.00

Protect your assets with this amazing bust and upper body treatment that will boost pecs and triceps, dramatically increasing circulation to the whole bust area and releasing pressure points that affect posture.  Gentle exfoliation combined with Omega-rich mask will plump up tired skin boosting collagen whilst elasticising and smoothing for a visibly proud upstanding bust and toned arms. 1hr