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Pregnancy Treatments

There is no other time in a woman’s life when she more deserves to be luxuriously pampered than when she is pregnant. To give one of these treatments as a special present, please call us on 01277 218989 or email to arrange a gift voucher.

Heavenly Foot Treatment:  £30.00

This treatment commence with a soothing foot soak to energise, reduce swelling and stimulate circulation. Includes a soothing lower leg and foot massage. The perfect pick me up for tired, achy, swollen feet. 30mins

Pregnancy Back Massage:   £33.50

A stress reliving back, neck and shoulder massage using specific pre-natal techniques to help alleviate tired achy muscles. Ideal if your suffering with back ache within pregnancy. 45mins

Pregnancy Massage:  £58.00

A complete full body massage using specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention. A wonderful treatment that gives mama a chance to truly relax and a few moments to dream of baby. 1hr 15mins

Gorgeous Glow Facial:    £53.00

Ideal to help balance your skin and boost radiance, this deep cleansing hydrating facial will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing. This facial includes a relaxing and rejuvenating shoulder, face and scalp massage. The ideal pick me up. 1hr

Total Bliss Package:  £78.00

Pregnancy Back Massage & Gorgeous Glow Facial  1hr 45mins