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Pregnancy Treatments

There is no other time in a woman’s life when she more deserves to be luxuriously pampered than when she is pregnant. To give one of these treatments as a special present, please call us on 01277 218989 or email to arrange a gift voucher.

Lighten Up:  £26.00

A warm, fragrant mineral salt-rich Mama Mio Foot Soak to energise, reduce swelling and stimulate circulation. Includes a gentle hand, lower leg and foot massage. Why not add a nail shape and polish to this treatment to really finish your feet off.  30Mins  

Mellow Mama:  from £28.50

A complete body massage using specific pre-natal techniques to increase circulation, alleviate tired muscles and reduce water retention. A wonderful treatment that gives mama a chance to truly relax and a few moments to dream of baby.

  • 45mins –£29.50
  • 1hr 15mins – £57.00

The Yummy Tummy:  from £41.00

This treatment begins with an application of Gravida Pulse Point Oil and gentle skin brushing to increase circulation, gently exfoliate and improve the tonicity of the skin. A concentrated serum and deep treatment mask will be applied to soothe and moisturise the abdomen. Enjoy a relaxing lower leg and foot massage as the intensive Tummy Stretch-ease serum and mask take effect.

  • 50mins – £41.00
  • 1hr 15mins £52.50

4th Trimester Healing Hour:  £50.50

Up to four months after delivery, your body still behaves as though it is pregnant. The 4th Trimester Healing Hour is a relaxing top to toe massage to help realign and restore your body as it naturally adapts and returns to being one person again. This is your healing hour – and you’ve earned it. A perfect present from your loved ones or even from yourself. 1hr