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Hair Removal

For sensitive areas we use Lycon hot wax, ensuring you have a hygienic, fast, effective and virtually pain free treatment. Pre and post oils and lotions are applied to the area to prepare the skin. For larger areas, we recommend the tea tree wax.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow wax:                                                      £9.00

Lip or chin wax:                                                  £8.00

Lip and chin wax:                                               £12.00

Bikini & Under Arm Waxing

Under arm wax:                                                  £10.25

Bikini line wax:                                                 £11.50

G String bikini wax:                                           £17.50

Brazilian bikini wax:                                          £27.50

Hollywood wax:                                                  £31.50

Arm & Leg Waxing

Forearm wax:                                                   £10.50

Full arm wax:                                                    £14.50

Half leg wax:                                                     £16.50

Top leg wax:                                                     £18.50

Three quarter leg wax:                                   £21.50

Full leg wax:                                                     £26.00

Waxing Combination Packages

Half leg & Bikini wax:                                     £25.00

Full leg & Bikini wax:                                     £33.75

Full leg, Bikini & Under arm wax:                 £43.00

Mens Waxing

Back wax:                            £22.50

Chest wax:                           £21.50

Eyebrow wax:                      £9.50