Hair Removal

Strip Wax

At Inula Beauty we offer two types of waxing. We can recommend which would be better based on the treatment you need and how sensitive your skin is. Strip wax uses disposable strips to remove the hair and is generally recommended for larger areas.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow wax | £9.50

Lip or chin wax | £8.00

Lip and chin wax | £11.00

Bikini & Under Arm Waxing

Under arm wax | £10.50

Bikini line wax | £11.00

G String bikini wax | £16.50

Arm & Leg Waxing

Forearm wax | £10.00

Full arm wax | £14.50

Half leg wax | £15.50

Three quarter leg wax | £21.50

Full leg wax | £26.50

Hot Wax

For sensitive areas we use Lycon hot wax, ensuring you have a hygienic, fast, effective and virtually pain free treatment. The main difference between this and the strip waxing is that after application of the wax (which is a little thicker) it is left to harden and then used directly for the hair removal. Pre and post oils and lotions are applied to the area to prepare the skin.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow wax | £10.50

Lip or Chin wax | £9.00

Lip & Chin wax | £12.00

Full Face wax | £20.00

Bikini and Underarm Waxing

Underarm Wax | £11.50

Bikini Wax | £12.50

G String Wax | £18.50

Brazilian Wax | £29.50

Hollywood Wax | £33.00


A small piece of cotton thread is twisted along the hairs to remove them from their roots. Accurate shaping and definition of the eyebrows is possible.  It’s fantastic for sensitive skin.

Eyebrows | £10.00

Lip or Chin | £8.00

Lip & Chin | £14.00

Full Face | £21.00

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